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Dunbrae Coffee Essentials originated from Subic Bay and is part of the 100% Australian owned Dunbrae Group of Companies, founded in 1978.  We are the trusted name in supplying all- imported coffee machines, both brand new and refurbished. We beautifully customize the machines to suit a client’s preference and theme. Proudly an exclusive service being the first and only company to offer such modification and personalization in the country. The brands we carry include Synchro, Futurmat, Gaggia, Visacrem, Italcrem, and Mairali.

We are the Philippine distributor and wholesaler of the award-winning and imported La Zumba and Volere Coffee beans. Expertly brewed in Australia, these brands have reaped accolades from various recognizing bodies that include the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show and The Golden Bean Awards. Very much preferred by baristas as these brands have also received a distinguished stamp of approval from the HACCP, Australia’s food science organization specializing in food safety methodologies.

LaZumba Latino
100% Arabica (Medium Roast)

Latino is expertly sourced within the three best coffee growing regions in the world: The Americas, Asia and Africa. These highly graded Arabica beans blend together perfectly to make LaZumba Latino the multi-award winning blend it is. Latino beans are sourced from Brazil (famous for its low acidity coffee which brings a sweetness to the blend), India, Timor-Leste, and finally Ethiopia (famous for being the birthplace of coffee).

LaZumba Rumba
60% Arabica 40% Robusta (Dark Roast)

Sourced from Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Timor- Leste and India. The Timor-Leste coffee is extra special and considered the highest quality in the world market. In addition, the majority Arabica blend and A-grade Indian Robusta beans provide a strong but smooth coffee flavour and depth.

Volere Espresso RFA
100% Arabica (Medium to Dark Roast)

Volere Espresso RFA is a beautiful, rich espresso with mellow acidity and a long malty finish. Toffee, hazelnut and dark chocolate notes feature. Brazil and Nicaragua.


I’ve been buying my coffee exclusively from Dunbrae ever since I learned of their existence. They have good selection of high-quality coffee – my personal favorite is the LaZumba Rumba and their customer service is top-notch. If good coffee is important to you, give Dunbrae a try
SBMA Resident
I liked the LaZumba Rumba, less strength that i am used too so increased strength, flavor was spot on, made me realize how over roasted the dark roast that we had before.
Dr. Raymond Barerra from Barerra Dental Clinic
Great products, great service, great people! Patient enough to walk you through the various products they provide to help you make the right choice!
Mike Yuson
Dunbrae’s syrups have that real-fruit taste and aroma that we have been looking for, without any medicinal or artificial after-taste that our products have. The products are also shelf-stable at room temperature which is very convenient for us. Overall, great products, great value and amazing after-sales customer support from Dunbrae.
Sefina’s Bakery and Café
DUNBRAE has been rendering to MMSM.
Dunbrae coffee has never-ending great taste that we have been enjoying every day!
Magsaysay MOL Ship Management, Inc.
Ripper Barista Training with Dunbrae Coffee Essentials
Fika Bistro + Cafe
Best Coffee!
Manager/Owner | Slabs Diner and Steakhouse
I'm not a coffee lover until I have tested your product. And now I'm thinking of having a coffee shop.
Senior Manager | CTBC Bank Phils Corp
The coffee tastes very good and fresh! My staff and my guests do like the taste as well.
President | Magsaysay MOL Ship Management, Inc.
Rainshowers, Music, and my freshly brewed Dunbrae Coffee. Perfect Morning!!
Executive Director | Subic Bay Freeport Chamber of Commerce
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