Stentorfield Fusion


The Stentorfield Fusion range offers the perfect solution for coffee service in the common areas of clubs, restaurants, hotels, offices and bars. Outstanding build quality and proven reliability are inherent in the Stentorfield Fusion beverage system. When this is combined with quality ingredients and good service it provides high quality drinks, satisfied customers and increased profits.

The machine should be connected to a 15mm (0.5 inch) rising main water supply which must conform to local and national regulations and be able to supply water at a constant pressure of between 100 Kpa (1 Bar) and 800 Kpa (8 Bar).

The outlet should be fitted with BSP connections, sited within 1.5 meters of the vending machine.

Additional Information :

Cup Type: 7oz or can be modified depending on requirement
Cup Capacity: 600 when using 7oz cups
Dimension (HxDxW): 72 x 29 x 26 inch
Weight: 184KG
Volt: 220-240V / 50Hz
Current: 13Amp Fused

Water Services
Pressure: 100Kpa (1Bar) – 800 Kpa (8 Bar)
Stopcock: 15mm BSP from rising main



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