Arkadia Syrup Chai 750ML


If there is one thing Arkadia know, it is Chai! Our expert development team have created what can only be described as the best tasting chai syrup available in Australia (possibly the world!). It’s carefully balanced spices and tea come together to make indulgent, spicy chai beverages, served hot or cold. If you are using a chai syrup in your café, we are confident this will win in any blind tasting, against any imported brand, any day of the week. Don’t just take our word for it, contact your distributor and the flavours will do the talking.

Developed by our flavour masters and made in Australia, Arkadia Premium Hazelnut Syrup delivers superior taste and quality, which your baristas and cafes will love. Made in Australia by Arkadia with 20 years of experience in creating cafe indulgent flavours.

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